Product Categories: Decking.

The range consists of a predetermined length of wire from 1 metre to 10 metres with a choice of Safe Working Load:

  • G 10kg SWL
  • S 35kg SWL
  • Y 90kg SWL

The system consists of wire and zip-clip with a toggle termination.

The Applications

Suitable for:

  • Lighting
  • Plenum boxes
  • Chilled beams
  • Radiant heat panels
  • Metal cladding
  • Acoustic boards

The Technical Information

  • Key free release system
  • Three different toggles available to suit light and medium weight applications
  • BZP toggles
  • High tensile galvanised wire 1960N/mm² grade 7 x 7 construction
  • BSEN 12385 standard

The Installation

  • By inverting the toggle parallel to the wire it will swing through 90 degrees
  • Push into the product being suspended
  • Ensure hole is no larger than 12mm diameter
  • Pass the free end of the wire through the zip-clip in the direction of the arrow
  • Pass through or around your required suspension and back through the zip-clip leaving 15cm of wire protruding
  • Always confirm engagement of the zip-clip on the wire by pushing the pin in the opposite direction to the arrow indicated
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