Zip-Clip’s New HQ – August 2016 progress update


This is the first glimpse of the New Training Facility under construction at Zip-Clips HQ, all of the building services have been exposed to showcase the versatility of using the Zip-Clip range.

In the photos, if you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to see a number of our products in use, they are: Rize, Con-Lock, Dec-Lock, Try-Lock, Luma-Lock, Chan-Lock and the Plus on Wire.

The building construction is flying along and we can’t wait to get in there, we will of course be sharing further updates in the coming months as the development really takes shape.

On 3rd January 2017 Zip-Clip will be fully operational from this new state of the art purpose built facility, training courses have been booked for February and March 2017 already, if you wish to find out more about our training courses please contact Mr Hogan 01686 623366

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